Object Record

Object Name Bullet
Catalog Number 1983.007.006
Description This piece of ammunition is a 37mm PDP Hotchkiss used in the Hotchkiss Revolving Cannon primarily during WWI and up to WWII. These cannons were used by the French and US were found on US Navy vessels against the Germans. This particular piece of ammunition still has the bullet and casing intact, but it has been fired because the primer is dented. The fuse is has been taken away at the top of the bullet. This piece was deemed disarmed, safe, and free of gunpowder by Kevin N. Walls in February 2015. The casing is double banded.

The base of the shell is inscribed from the manufacturing process with " PDPs 281 1.18 37-85 and an exploding bomb symbol. This inscription is interpreted as such: PDPs stands for the manufacturer- Pouderies de Paris or Pinchard Denys Paris, 281 could be the inventory number, 1.18 stands for January 1918, 37-85 means 37mm model 1885, the exploding bomb could be a makers mark or indication of ammunition type. At the top of the ammunition just below where the fuse would be placed, an inscription wraps the ammunition stating L1 84 B (or 13?) and an anchor symbol. The interpretation is that L1 is Lot 1 and the anchor symbol could either be a makers mark or designated to be used by the Navy.

This Hotchkiss ammunition is presumed to be a piece of Trench Art. A popular item during WWI, civilians or soldiers would collect found ammunition and turn them into war memorabilia. The shell on this ammunition is etched with the French Cross of Lorraine. This Northern French patriotism symbol was highly used in WWI and again during WWII during the liberation of Lorraine from Nazi Germany.
Date 1918-1945
Dimensions H-6.438 Dia-1.688 inches
Dimension Details Height was measured from base to existing tip. Diameter reading taken from base, flat bottom.
Accession number 1983.007